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Темы для эссе по английскому языку для ЕГЭ

Темы для эссе по английскому языку для ЕГЭ

Список примерных тем для ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

Everyday life. Shopping. Household chores

  1. Shopping is interesting and enjoyable.
  2. Shopping malls have advantages over small shops.
  3. Our lives would be better if we bought fewer goods.
  4. Online shopping will replace traditional shopping in the future.
  5. Clothes help people show who they really are.
  6. It is logical to share the housework evenly between men and women.
  7. Children should help their parents about the house.
  8. Many people regard shopping as a hobby.
  9. It is important to look nice and follow fashion.
  10. Clothes people are wearing can influence their behaviour.

Life in the city and in the country

  1. There are more disadvantages than advantages in living in a big city.
  2. There are a lot of benefits of living in the country.
  3. Some people think that cities are the best places to live.
  4. It is better for children to grow up in the city.
  5. It is important to protect the countryside and not build factories there.
  6. Some people think that city life is harder.

Family problems. Friends. Problems of young people

  1. Some people think that you can have only one true friend.
  2. It’s not right to be strict with little children.
  3. The best time is that spent with family and friends.
  4. Show me your room and I will tell you who you are.
  5. Friendship is the greatest gift of life.
  6. Having friends is important for everyone.
  7. Love makes a person happy.
  8. Only those who have much in common can become friends.
  9. Grandparents should take an active part in their grandchildren’s upbringing.
  10. Adult children should not live with their parents.

Travelling and sightseeing

  1. Travelling in your own country is the best way to learn about it.
  2. One should read about historical sites before sightseeing.
  3. Tourism ruins everything that it touches.
  4. Hitchhiking is the best way to travel.
  5. School trips are beneficial for students.
  6. Cars have improved our lives in a number of ways.
  7. Travelling to exotic countries is an exciting experience.
  8. The best way to travel is by plane.
  9. The best way to travel in a town or in a city is on foot.
  10. The best way to travel is by train.

Science and technology

  1. Virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills.
  2. Internet is the greatest time-waster.
  3. Computers cannot replace people.
  4. Space exploration was the greatest achievement of the 20th century.
  5. The Internet is the biggest evil of our time.
  6. Robots will soon replace people in all jobs.
  7. Science is the first thing to be financed in the modern world.
  8. It is easy to live without the Internet.
  9. With the Internet we no longer need TV.
  10. Space exploration is very important for the future of our planet.

Jobs. Career. Future profession

  1. Some people think that young people should follow in their parents’ footsteps when choosing a profession.
  2. In any occupation discipline is more important than talent.
  3. There are no men’s or women’s professions.
  4. Everybody would like to work from home.
  5. An early choice of a career path is the key to success.
  6. An interesting job is more valuable than a high salary.
  7. Digital literacy is the key to success in any occupation.
  8. Having jobs can be of great benefit to teenagers.
  9. There is no difficulty in finding a good job.
  10. It is better to work for themselves than for a company.

Holidays and celebrations

  1. The best holidays and festivals are those with specific traditions for celebrating.
  2. Public celebrations are a waste of money.
  3. Traditional festivals and celebrations are disappearing.
  4. A holiday is just a day off.
  5. Studying knows no holidays.
  6. Summer holidays in the countryside are best for teenagers.
  7. It is better for teenagers celebrate all holidays with family.


  1. Having a hobby is important for everyone.         
  2. Volunteering is essential for teenagers.
  3. Playing computer games is the best way to spend your free time.
  4. Reading is a waste of time.
  5. Collecting things is a waste of time and money.
  6. Teenagers should not be given too much time.
  7. Rap music has a bad influence on teenagers.
  8. Public libraries will disappear in the future.
  9. Electronic books will replace paper books in the future.
  10. Graffiti is vandalism.

Health. Healthy lifestyle

  1. Fast food outlets should be closed.
  2. Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.
  3. Sports help people to fight stress.
  4. Sport unites people.
  5. Playing sports is better than watching others do it.
  6. Doing sports is essential for young people.
  7. Children should be encouraged to go in for sports.
  8. Physical attractiveness is important for everyone.
  9. Fast food has a bad effect on our health.
  10. There are many benefits of being a vegetarian.

Education. Languages

  1. Some people think that to get a good education one should go abroad.
  2. Some people think that learning foreign languages is a waste of time and money.
  3. A person who is fluent in a foreign language can easily work as an interpreter.
  4. A person who is fluent in a foreign language can easily teach it.
  5. Exams motivate students to study harder.
  6. Distance learning is the best form of education.
  7. A pupil cannot study effectively without a computer.
  8. A computer cannot replace a teacher.     
  9. Education is the most valuable thing for a teenager.
  10. University education is essential for young people.

Nature. Ecology problems

  1. Every city and every town should have a zoo.
  2. It is the government’s responsibility to protect the environment.
  3. Some people object to animal testing.
  4. It is important to recycle wastes.
  5. Going green has a lot of benefits.
  6. Virtual pets can replace real pets.
  7. Damage to the environment is the biggest problem facing the world.
  8. Governments spend too much time on environmental projects.
  9. Global warming is the biggest threat to the environment.
  10. Restricting air travel is the only way to reduce air pollution.

Темы эссе по английскому языку составлены на основе учебников М.В. Вербицкой

  1. Smoking should be prohibited.
  2. Travelling abroad helps to understand your own country.
  3. The growth of cities is harmful to the environment.
  4. Technical progress is harmful for the humanity.
  5. The most important thing in life is health.
  6. The most important thing in life is love.
  7. Social media interaction is important for modern teenagers.
  8. The most important thing in life is family.
  9. The most important thing in life is work.
  10. School classmates make the best friends.
  11. It’s easier to make friends that to keep them.
  12. The circus is the best entertainment for children.
  13. Childhood is the safest period of human life.
  14. High school students should only study the subjects they choose.
  15. Some people think that Russian is easier to learn than English.
  16. It’s better to read a book rather than watch its screen version.
  17. Following the fashion trends is waste of time and money.
  18. Music is something that distracts people from their daily routine.
  19. In the digital age museums are still important.
  20. A teacher should always be strict.
  21. Organized travel is not as interesting as independent travel.
  22. Playing sports helps to reduce stress.
  23. Having a computer at home will help children to get a better education.
  24. Cars should be banned from the city centers.
  25. Cars are important modern type of transport.
  26. To be rich means to be successful.
  27. Future will bring only positive impact on the world.
  28. Appearance is the most important thing for a modern teenager.
  29. All school subjects should be equally important for a pupil.
  30. Genetically modified products are not harmful for the health of people.
  31. Cities provide people with more advantages than villages.
  32. Graffiti should be considered as an act of vandalism.
  33. Taking a gap year after school is necessary step for every teenager.
  34. Choosing future profession is a difficult task for every school-leaver.
  35. Diets are important to stay fit and healthy.
  36. Healthy eating is an important part of everyday life.
  37. Having only one language of communication on our planet is a wise decision.
  38. Zoos should be prohibited.
  39. Zoos help most animals to survive.
  40. Studying a foreign language abroad is important for everyone.
  41. Knowing one foreign language isn’t enough.
  42. The Internet is the most useful invention in the world.
  43. Human cloning experiments should be prohibited.
  44. The Internet will be the main source of studying in the future.
  45. Computer games are one of the best ways to spend free time.
  46. Space exploration is very important for the future of our planet.
  47. Space travelling should be available for everyone in the future.
  48. Mobile phones are one of the most convenient ways of communication.
  49. Modern teenagers are criticized for no reason.
  50. Young generation lives better that people lived in the past.
  51. Soap operas are not interesting and take too much time.
  52. Violence on TV should be prohibited.
  53. To be rich means to be happy.
  54. Distant learning will become the only type of education in the future.
  55. Online education is very important nowadays.
  56. Home schooling is very convenient way of studying.
  57. Government should be responsible for people’s health.
  58. Holidays are important for every culture.
  59. Modern life is impossible without travelling.
  60. Travelling broadens one’s outlook.
  61. One should choose a future profession according to personal interests and talents.
  62. Parents should allow teenagers to work part-time.
  63. Work from home is better that the work in an office.
  64. Reality show is one of the best TV shows.
  65. Digital literacy is an important part of modern life.

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